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Easy to Use PrintScreen Hosting

Compatible with ShareX

RedScr Image Hosting for ShareX

ShareX is a screen grabbing app, going far beyond the basics and offering extra options like uploading the screenshots to a chosen host. is fully compatible with ShareX, with enhanced security, 90 days automatic deletion and a very simple setup.
Just download the ShareX Config File below and you are ready to go.

Download ShareX Config File

How to configure ShareX to use Image Hosting

  1. Download and install ShareX
  2. Download the SXCU Config file.
  3. Double-click the file to open it.
  4. On the confirmation dialog, click YES.
  5. Enjoy our fast, private image hosting.

Download ShareX Config File

Mimic the Lightshot app behaviour

To reach the same experience as with Lightshot, you must update the HotKeys. Go to Hotkey settings, remove all except "Capture Region" and set the Print Screen key for the "Capture region" action.